Barristers & Solicitors

Emerald Legal Professional Corporation 

Civil Litigations

We represent our clients both in the Superior Court of Justice and Small Claims Court. We are committed to serve the interests of our clients involved in civil litigations at a competitive price. We give our best effort to settle disputes of civil nature by mutual negotiation without any recourse to the expensive court proceeding. Always, our first attempt is to call the other party for a negotiation to narrow down the periphery of the dispute and to find out an amicable settlement.  But when there is a call for court proceeding, we zealously represent our clients to protect and preserve their legal interests.  
We passionately care for the clients who retain us for family disputes. We are too cautious regarding the emotional aspect as well as sensitivity and confidentiality associated with family disputes. Vulnerability of certain types of clients, in particular, the victims of domestic violence and under aged persons, leads us to be extra alert while representing them. Our service covers following areas:
  • Separation agreement;
  • Marriage contracts;
  • Divorce proceeding;
  • Matrimonial property;
  • Spousal and child support;
  • Child custody and access issues.

Family Litigation